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Getting your first bear: Optimizing for speed

Jennie Lees

Optimizing for speed

You've run the instance before and maybe downed three bosses within the time limit without really trying. However, adding a fourth into that time is tough. There are various things you can do to speed up the run, both as a raid and individually:

  • Consumables. Using buff potions/flasks (including sharpening stones, scrolls, food, etc) should go without saying, as well as health/mana pots; drums also make a difference.
  • Be smart with downtime. Drink a little between pulls. Innervate the shadow priest as you approach a boss, and don't be afraid to pull without full mana or health.
  • Know the instance and don't be stupid. Getting reinforcements on the way to Jan'alai is simply a waste of time, as is running into patrols, over-aggroing, etc.
  • Don't linger over loot. Using group loot with need/pass (a designated disenchanter Greeds) speeds up loot considerably; have one assigned DPSer speak to the freed captive while the group moves on.
  • Communicate. Voice chat is great, and well-timed communication can turn around a wipe.
It really helps to get everyone into the right mindset before you begin, so go over these ground rules first. Make sure people know to bring consumables, and know the route you're taking. Encourage people to read up on the timed run, to watch videos and actually think about what they're going to be doing.

Okay, okay. Can we kill now?

The most logical kill order is Eagle, Bear, Dragonhawk, Lynx. You'll spend most of your time killing trash, so make sure your tanks' threat is top-notch, chainpull like mad and bypass as much as possible.

Our second run was videoed by one of our healers, and it's available here -- the download's large because of the length of the run. Screenshots from the video accompany the walkthrough below.

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