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Sunwell Phase 4 daily quest walkthroughs

Alex Ziebart

As many servers approach Phase 3, we're going to be one step ahead as always and make sure you're all prepared the day Phase 4 hits. It'll be some time before anyone reaches it I'm sure, but if you're anything like me, you always want to know what is on the horizon.

Phase 4 concludes the taking of Quel'Danas and the progressive content, thus some of the quests are simple things like putting the finishing touches on the new Shattered Sun Stronghold. However, there are still a few things that need some work. This phase will focus on an Alchemy Lab and a super cool statue to plant in the middle of the freshly taken town.

Read on for more information on Phase 4, as well as links to guides for each of the new quests you'll encounter!

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First of all, a Shattered Sun Alchemist by the name of Mar'nah needs some supplies to open up shop, which you'll acquire for her via the quest Discovering Your Roots(later known as Rediscovering Your Roots). Once there have been enough turn-ins of this quest and she's stocked up, she reveals a little discovery to you. Those sparkling bushes you've seen around Quel'Danas? They make a delicious smoothie! Or perhaps a pretty cool elixir. You know, either/or. Find out which by completing Open for Business!

Captain Valindria has a little excitement for us as well on board the Silvermoon's Pride. She needs us to do something about the Naga infestation down south via the quest Disrupt the Greengill Coast. This quest doesn't progress towards anything, it's simply there for fun and profit. It does go hand in hand with Don't Stop Now... quite well, however. Two birds with one stone? Sure!

Finally, a dear Draenei Anchorite Ayuri is taking donations to construct a monument in the Sun's Reach Stronghold to honor the fallen, as well as the friends and family they left behind. The statue is also a sign of friendship between the Scryers and the Aldor. If you want to make a donation, find out how in our little guide for A Charitable Donation. Once the statue is completed, Ayuri will be taking donations to give to the orphans and spouses left behind by the war in the quest Your Continued Support, which is identical.

Anchorite Kairthos is a little more courageous in his requests. To aid Anchorite Ayuri in her collecting of donations, Kairthos seeks out those Exalted amongst the Shattered Sun, asking quite a hefty sum. The reward for that donation is very cool. If you're interested, take a look at A Magnanimous Benefactor.

Once Phase 4 is complete, the capture of Quel'Danas has come to an end. The grand finale is capped off with the Naaru K'iru being summoned into the inn of the Sun's Reach Harbor. He gives a zone-wide buff, K'iru's Song of Victory.

All of the quests from all of the phases remain in some form, but the progression has come to a close. Sad, I know. We can only hope that we have much more of this to look forward to in Wrath and beyond.
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