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Seeds sown for epic EVE machinima

Chris Chester

An EVE Online user by the name of swp has put together the above trailer for a Curatores Veritatis Alliance movie. The editing is pretty tight, and speaking as somebody with only a minimum of EVE experience, the scale is also pretty impressive. While we stumbled upon the trailer by the chance fact that one of our favorite EVE bloggers mentioned it in a blog post recently, we were impressed by the sheer volume and variety of videos to be found one of the bigger EVE forums.

Given the amount of talented movie makers in the EVE community, we're extremely excited about the future of EVE machinima. The long-anticipated space station gameplay, where players are allowed to actually occupy their humanoid avatars and engage in face to face interactions, should blow this community wide open. It'd allow for the creation of all sorts of epic stories and (forgive the Star Wars reference in a post about EVE) Mos Eisley cantina moments. We look forward to seeing what the community can make with these tools, and we're sure it'll be entertaining.

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