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All the way live: Red Bull BC One

Eric Caoili

Red Bull BC One has little to do with the energy drink in its title and more to do with the Red Bull-sponsored international breakdancing competition, a series of b-boy battles presenting the best of the best break-boys from around the world. In addition to announcing a DS extension of the tournament, publisher Playlogic released a batch of screenshots (hit the gallery below) and an online demo (browser plugin required).

Despite the game's questionable art direction and insipid dialogue -- in one of the custcenes, a faceless challenger yells out, "Chiggidy check yourself before you wreck yourself," I kid you not -- the demo is fun and easy to pick up. Players connect groups of like-colored dots with the touchscreen, racing to form geometrical shapes against a time limit to execute moves. If you watched Step Up 2 and have felt compelled to "bust a move" while T-Pain croons a song about girls wearing "boots with the fur" ever since, this title is for you!

Red Bull BC One promises a plethora of customization options, 100+ dance animations, and "WFi multiplayer levels." According to the screenshot above, the game will also feature characters modeled after movie monsters.


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