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CEA rolls out "Convert Your Mom" DTV campaign

Steven Kim

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has tapped Florence Henderson (a.k.a. Carol Brady) to launch its "Convert Your Mom" DTV transition campaign. It's true that awareness of the digital switchover is spreading; but we also know that there's a big difference between being aware and knowledgeable. And we're all familiar with how preparations The spots will encourage baby-boomers to help older family members make sense of converter boxes, antennas and other gear necessary to keep the health TV glow burning in the living room. And seriously, how could anyone not help Mrs. Brady? As the HD intelligentsia class, we encourage EHD readers to pick up the cause (some of us have already done our part). Even if the person you overhear at the local big-box store isn't family (or even a Brady), try to lend a hand. No need to launch into HD-esoterica (which we love), just keep it simple and ease them into DTV.

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