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Hands-on at Nokia's CTIA Wireless 2008 outpost

Chris Ziegler

We meandered through Nokia's booth at CTIA Wireless last week in search of interesting wares, and came back with pretty positive results. Granted, nothing starting with "N" or "E" was announced at the show -- unless you count the N810 WiMAX Edition, which we don't -- but there was still plenty of unreleased kit at the show, including the N78, the 6210 Navigator, and a pair of really sleek CDMA flips. Speaking of the CDMA flips, the 1606 and 3606 headlined Nokia's CTIA intros -- and we've gotta admit, we were surprisingly pleased with the hardware. The designs are beautiful, smooth, clean, slim, and unlike anything we've seen out of Espoo in the past; they're worthy efforts for a company that pays very little mind to the world of CDMA, and a merciful sign that the painful Pantech partnership era appears to be over. Check out the gallery for the full pictorial!

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