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X3F TV -- Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack video tour

Giving gamers four more reasons to go online with Xbox Live's most popular shooter, Infinity Ward has released the first downloadable content for their 2007 smash-hit Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. For 800 MS points the map pack adds familiar environments from the single-player experience as well as a modernized revision of a classic Call of Duty 2 map.

Jump in for a brief description of the four maps included in the Variety Map Pack for Call of Duty 4 and find out if the maps are worth your hard-earned MS Points.

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With it's size and alternate routes, Broadcast is a must for large team games. The multi-floored media facility overlooks a collection of buildings, perfect for sniper fire. With it's multiple vantage points, tightly wound office spaces and roof-top access, Broadcast is sure to become a fan favorite.

A revision of the classic Call of Duty 2 map Carentan, Chinatown brings players into the foggy night life where the full moon lights the battle below. With multiple interiors, windows overlooking the courtyard and an intricate rooftop design, Chinatown is perfect for any size party and gametype.

A secluded village getaway doesn't mean this creek is a nice vacation spot. With sniper friendly foliage, a deep ravine perfect for ambushes and an underground cave, Creek is an extensive map for large scale operations. Creek is a dream for an ambush plan, just hope you aren't walking into one of your own.

An enclosed warehouse made up of plywood structures primarily used for S.A.S. speed tests, Killhouse is ground level carnage waiting to happen. You'd better enjoy respawning because in Killhouse you'll always be coming back for more.

Overall the maps are four solid additions to the title and fans of the series have undoubtedly picked them up by now. While directly ripping the environments from the single-player campaign may rub some the wrong way, there is enough new material to warrant the purchase. If you're still heavily into Call of Duty 4's multiplayer experience, you can't miss the variety map pack.

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