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CryENGINE 2 on the 360 nearly equal to PC version

Dustin Burg

Team Crytek' gorgeous and uber resource intensive CryENGINE 2 (which is the engine that powers the visually stunning Crysis on the PC) is slowly making its way to consoles. But how well will the engine run on console hardware that equates to half of what Crysis demands? According to Crytek, surprisingly well.

In an interview with IGN about CryENGINE 2 and its performance on next-gen consoles, Crytek business manager Harald Seeley says that they "tailor the engine specifically to each platform" and that they "expect the final outcome will result in games that look like they're running at high settings, or nearly high settings, on a PC." An amazing engineering feat if they can pull it off. So far, Crytek has yet to make their engine available to console developers as it's still under development, but if the console tech demo video (embedded above) tells us anything, it's that CryENGINE 2 reeks of promise. Just look at those colorful teapots roll!

[Via Ripten]

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