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Downloadable content comes to the NES, sort of


It's not exactly the most elegant solution, but those looking to bring their still-kickin' NES a little (and we stress little) more in line with current-gen consoles now have a new option at their disposal, with the freshly-made Glider cart now offering downloadable content of sorts. To take advantage of that feature, however, you'll also need to snag yourself a USB CopyNES board (available for $70), which requires some cutting and soldering in order to be wrangled into your NES. If you're able to do that without doing some irreparable damage, you'll be able to connect your NES to your PC via USB and download new levels for Glider, which can be offloaded directly to the game thanks to its use of flashable cart. Not exactly the sort of thing that'll result in a spike of NES console sales on eBay, to be sure, but just imagine what your 1980s self would have thought of it.

[Via Gemaga, thanks J]

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