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FAQ for Mines of Moria site helps you unlock rewards

Kyle Horner

Now that everything seems to be working properly, you might be spending a lot of time playing the dice wars-style minigame at the official website for the upcoming Lord of the Rings Online expansion. If you're like us and largely having a tough time getting the hang of the website's first game -- King Under the Mountain -- then you'll be glad to hear there's a nice little FAQ over on the official LotRO forums. It's still a bit early on, but there are a few pointers in there that anyone looking to up their King Under the Mountain skills should check out. It's also good for answering any burning questions regarding King Under the Mountain.

The FAQ will have updates as more information is revealed on the other two mini-games -- Swing and Toss followed by Eleventy-seven Morsels -- so we'll be checking back from time to time! Now if you'll excuse us, there's a set of dice calling our names and they can't wait any longer.

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