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Games for Windows Magazine goes online-only

Kyle Orland

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The list of defunct video game magazines has grown quite a bit over the last few years: Tips & Tricks; Computer Games; the Official PlayStation Magazine (the old one, not the new one). Well, we can add another name to the list today, as Ziff Davis just announced that Games for Windows: The Official Magazine will no longer exist in its print form.

In announcing the move, effective as of the April/May issue, Ziff Davis Vice President Simon Cox assured readers that the decision had "nothing to do with the Chapter 11 stuff," and everything to do with the computer gaming audience's massive migration to online news sources. The magazine's editorial staff will be transferred to computer game coverage on, Cox said, though the magazine's art team will be moving on. Current subscribers will be able to transfer their subscriptions to Electronic Gaming Monthly or request a refund PC Mag, according to 1UP's Dan Hsu [updated with correction from Hsu himself @ 3:09].

The decision marks the end of the run for a magazine that started in 1981 as Computer Gaming World and leaves Electronic Gaming Monthly as Ziff Davis' only print video game magazine and Future's PC Gamer as America's only computer game-focused print mag. Will this latest streamlining help attract interest in the long-offered sale of the Ziff Davis Game Group? Given the widespread contraction of the magazine market, we can't say it would hurt.

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