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HTC throwing UK bash on May 6 -- but what does it mean?

Chris Ziegler

So HTC's holding down London on Tuesday, the 6th of May for some sort of product reveal that's presently cloaked in mystery. The invitation invites us to "witness the next wave of HTC Innovation," so it's gotta be good, right? One possibility is an unveiling of the Dream, the rumored device that hopes to usher in the Age of Android with a bang; we're not so sure, though, since the first production devices to run Google's everything-killer platform aren't expected until the second half and there's still plenty of work left to do on the software side. Another plausible launch would be the spiritual successor to the Touch, a device that may be either the Diamond or the Raphael; the 3G-less Touch is getting a little long in the tooth, after all, having been outdone in the spec sheet by its keyboarded cousins. We're guessing HTC's going to be staying pretty tight-lipped about this one right up until zero day, so let the speculation run wild in the meantime.

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