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THQ thinks WoW has probably peaked

Kyle Horner

Apparently THQ executive Jack Sorenson is pretty sure that World of Warcraft has hit its peak. He goes on to admit that there will likely still be millions of people playing WoW in a couple of years, but says that its subscriber count will have diminished. This would supposedly be the perfect time to launch a brand new game. Why? About two years from now is of course when THQ is looking to launch their Warhammer 40k MMO, however as anyone who follows MMO development can tell you, the market can change rather rapidly.

WoW may be severely less of a threat in a couple of years time, but there are plenty of other MMOs that could take its place between now and two years out -- including Blizzard's next MMO. So while WoW may have hit its peak, in a couple of years time THQ could find themselves staring down the barrel of yet another juggernaut title: current or upcoming.

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