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Gamer Doc: new retail franchise targets Gamestop with themed stores

Kyle Orland

Gamers tired of being pushed around by game retail behemoth Gamestop can check out a potential ray of hope at this week's International Franchise Expo in Washington, D.C. There, game retailer Gamer Doc will be showing off new store prototypes that "will change the way the video game store is interpreted," according to a press release.

Strong words for a franchise that only has three outlets nationwide in development thus far [Updated with corrected wording on 4/11], but Gamer Doc seems eager to show off its new, FHA-designed stores, which it says will make customers "feel like they're walking into a video game, not a video game store." The three themed designs have been created to replicate "a first-person shooter battle zone, ... a futuristic "Borg Spaceship," [and] a carefree, cartoon-character atmosphere." Great news for anyone who's ever dreamed of buying video games from the Borg, we suppose ...

While we're a little skeptical that gimmicky store themes are really enough to drive a wedge into Gamestop's 5,000+ store dominance, we definitely support anyone trying to bring real competition to the game retail space. Godspeed, Gamer Doc.

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