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OK, we've said it before, but other than the constant threat of dying, one of the things we know troops serving in Iraq or Afghanistan suffer from is boredom. So, when Peter Gallagher sent us a tip about his site, we felt the least we could do was give it some attention.

The Games for Heroes charity, which has a registered donor number with nonprofit, is simply looking to collect handheld games and systems (Game Boy, DS, PSP), which will be sent to troops serving in a place of war. Information on where to send items or make cash donations can be found on the site. A similar charity called "Fun for our Troops" began last year, but without the portable gaming focus.

We spoke with the 15-year-old Gallagher, who started the charity with his friend, Jack Wilson, and learned the whole concept stemmed from a "Cheer Up the Troops" letter writing campaign he and Jack started with area children while on their spring break. After submitting the letters to, they found out that one of the most requested items by troops are handheld video game systems. Gallagher explains, "They play PlayStation when they can, but how often do they get TVs? These are 18, 19, 20-year-old kids over there. ... You know, we just want to help out."

Peter's mother, Susan Gallagher, couldn't be happier with what her son is trying to do and assured us he's doing everything by the book. Pssst, multimillion-dollar corporations that read this site, help the kid out. Heck, when we were 15 we never did anything this nice (and definitely not while on break).

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