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Guildwatch: Drama at the fishing tourney

Mike Schramm

Here on GW, we mostly focus on guild drama, obviously -- every week, we hear about GMs /gquitting with as little style as possible, ninjas cleaning out the guild bank, and friction between guild members. But guilds are really only a part of the ingame drama -- people can find silly things to fight about all over Azeroth. Think the fishing tournament is tame enough to avoid an argument? Think again.

That story, and more, are in this week's GW, which you can read by clicking the link below. And don't forget to submit your own tips to us, whether they be drama, downed, or recrutiing news. is the address, and any tips you send to it will be much appreciated.


  • LnF (no idea what that stands for) on EU Proudmoore-H finally had enough members again to face Illidan, but after a number of wipes, they had most of the raid drop right around 5%. Eventually it was two raiders, and then just Maeiv herself, but on the final speech, "whoops Illidan disappears" says our tipster, "and never came back. So no loot, no quest finalized, and no respawn. So is this a kill?" He says yes, but I'd say no -- as any mobster will tell you, there's no proof unless you've got a corpse. They're waiting on GM feedback, but my guess is that they'll have to go back in and redo it for it to count.
  • More guild-based faction fighting: over on Onyxia, a few Horde guilds got together 3 40man raids to take down Stormwind and Ironforge. Smacks from Dumb Dirty Dogs, we hear, even stayed in IF just for the fishing -- at least until he got caught by Alliance two hours later.
  • This isn't exactly guild drama, but "Stranglethorn fishing tournament" drama is almost as good. I agree: "come say that to my toons face, twinker boy," is a pretty silly thing to say in General chat.
  • We didn't see it until today, but the folks in Grim Legion on Kirin Tor emailed us this past week with an amazing plan: they wanted to clear out all the Heroics in the game within 24 hours. Doesn't seem too hard (especially if it's not all the same five guys), but it would be interesting to see how long it would take and how it would work. Unfortunately, they never emailed back to say how it went -- if you read this, guys, email us back and let us know what happened, or just send it to the tipline -- that's a much better way to reach anyone other than GW.
  • Hitmeplz, former GM of Pandemonium on Windrunner, discovered that a "goodbye forever" post on the guild forums didn't get him enough attention while leaving the game, so he decided to delete everything he could, including the guild forums and DKP. He would have deleted everything, except apparently his deleted his own access to the DKP listings before he could get rid of all of them. So not only is he a total jerk, but he's a failure at being a jerk, too.
  • This thread, about two ninjas from Blind Fate on Khaz Modan, seems pretty boring on page one -- the guy is accusing two dudes of ninja-ing while he can't really seem to provide actual, pictoral proof (in the guild log, all that shows up with the withdrawals is "NULL," because the two have already transferred). But page 2 redeems the thread completely -- one post after the original accuser decides he's said enough and the issue is settled, the accused shows up to stir up the pot completely again. After that, his old guild shows up, and things go downhill from there. Great drama.
  • Kin and Destination Noob on Azuremyst were caught cheating in the Arena. This kind of idiocy is rampant, unfortunately.
  • Fracture on Gurubashi is really rolling along -- in the week since they formed, they've cleared everything in Hyjal and BT except Archimonde and Illidari Council and Illidan. Nice work, folks, good luck.
  • The Dark Legacy of Tanaris-H finally downed Lady Vashj to fully clear SSC, and then walked into Mount Hyjal the next night to 3-shot Rage Winterchill. In a bit of a timeline paradox (since they've already killed him in MrT many times) Kael'thas Sunstrider in The Eye is on notice.
  • Polaris on Blackhand-A not only went 4/5 on Hyjal, but also entered BT for the first serious raid night this week and killed High Warlord Naj'entus, Supremus, and Shade of Akama. Teron Gorefiend and his constructs are all on notice!
  • The Spreading Taint of Proudmoore has also made a lot of progress this week. After clearing all of SSC, and 3/4 of TK, they took advantage of the new lack of attunements for BT and MH and downed Naj'entus, Supremus, and Shade of Akama in Black Temple, and Rage Winterchill, Anetheron, and Kaz'rogal in Mount Hyjal! Grats!
  • Am I Bovvered and The Immortals on EU Draenor killed Rage Winterchill and Anetheron on the first two days in Mount Hyjal. Grats to you guys -- they say they're not the toughest bosses out there, but anything in BT or MH seems pretty tough to me. Downing anything in there is an achievement.
  • The Bit Players have added another boss to their kill count -- this time Tidewalker exited stage right. Next stop: Leotheras.
  • Dark Lotus on Turalyon has downed Prince. Netherspite is going on notice, and Nightbane is after that for a Kara completion.
  • Excelcius of Kirin Tor killed Supremus, which makes them 3/5 in Hyjal and 2/9 in BT. Shade of Akama is on notice, and they also say "sorry Solamnic Knights." Hopefully you all know what that means -- I'm guessing a little cross-guild competition.
  • Dead Poets Society of Durotan-H downed High King Maulgar in one shot and took Gruul down to 12% before losing the DPS race. Kara is being farmed start to finish in four hours (woot, Karathon), and sights are set on SSC and beyond.
  • Novus Ordo is a new raiding guild on Blackwater Raiders formed less than a month ago. They're clearing Kara weekly, have downed Gruul and HKM, and are working through ZA -- Halazzi down and 2/4 timed chests cleared out. They're also recruiting for 25 mans -- check the website for more info.
  • Blades of Light on Sentinels cleared out Gruul's Lair in 49 minutes last night (we need to come up with a term for what it's called when you finish Gruul within an hour). Magtheridon is on notice, and they're also recruiting good, mature people of all classes.
  • Twisted Circle on Blood Furnace downed Magtheridon. And that's all they've got to say about that.
  • Malleum Majorem of Lighting's Blade just killed The Loot Below, giving them their first T5 kill, after many attempts on it and Void Walker.
  • Evolution on Moonrunner picked a fight with a blind man (Leotheras the Blind) and won! Who knew it could be so easy -- and on the first night of attempts! Solarian is on notice: they "will be making a house call to Solarian soon, we hear she is sick and needs some immediate attention and we plan to GIVE IT TO HER!" Sounds nasty.
  • Army of Darkness on Gorefiend downed Gruul. "Onto Mag next," they say, "and recruiting everything except Enhance Shamans and Rogues."
  • The Nefarious, on EU Bronze Dragonflight, took 17 days from killing Kael'Thas to finally clear Mt. Hyjal, nuke Archimonde and save Nordrassil. Close call on that one -- glad they were able to pull it off. Otherwise, you know, Azerothian history would have been completely different.
  • Lucidity (Thorium Brotherhood-A) went in to BT Sunday night for an Alliance-side first kill of High Warlord Naj'entus. Supremus also got dropped later in the week. And remember: FIRE BAD!!!
  • Leviathan on EU Azjol-Nerub are proud to announce the downings of both Jan'Alai in Zul'Aman and Magtheridon in his Lair. SSC and TK are next!
  • Dark Fist (Argent Dawn-A) downed Archimonde, after they apparently slipped something into the mage water that made people afraid of fire.
  • Remorseless on Staghelm made their first attempt at Karazhan the other day. They made it all the way to Prince, too, and one-shotted the first three bosses. Very nice job!
  • Damaged Goods on Khadgar-A took advantage of a biannual WoW meetup (in Boyertown, PA) to achieve their first Jan'Aai and Malacrass kills in ZA. Together with allies from Black Dogs they also went and left Doom Lord Kazzak face down in the Hellfire mud. Finally, someone can loot that damn Nethervine spawn!
  • The Ancient Lords on Terenas-A have picked up where they left off since reforming, and are now getting two groups solidly to Curator in Kara.
  • Ithilien on EU Defias Brotherhood-A is a small and casual guild, very friendly and mature. But they've recently cleared Karazhan, and joined up with Tranquillity for some cooperative raiding and Gruul attacks. They're recruiting nice people to do daily runs and weekly raiding -- they need specifically support classes, but they're taking everything except Hunters.
  • Legacy of the Dire Panda on the Sisters of Elune server is looking to get back into SSC/TK asap, so they're running Kara, ZA, and Gruul's for badges and gear. They need pallys and druids of all spec, healers getting priority. They're a great group of people with a lot of raiding experience, so they want a strong guild to go all the way to the expansion and beyond.
  • AmRaidin on Khadgar EU (Horde) are currently gathering together L60+ characters to tackle pre-TBC raids. All races and classes are welcome. Look them up in game if you want to do a little nostalgia running.
  • Vigilant is a newly-formed small guild on Whisperwind made up of South African players, and is looking to recruit new members, also preferably from South Africa, to make raiding times easier. They're headed into Kara right now, but they've got some experienced raiders on already, so they'll be moving on to Gruul and 25mans soon enough.
  • The New Regime on the Laughing Skull server just started up and they are looking for mature and serious raiders. They specifically want Druids, Priests, Paladin, Hunters, and Shaman. Must be lvl 70 to apply.
  • Natural Selection is a mature raiding guild on the Greymane server. They're currently tackling Archimonde and Reliquary of Souls, but need a few stable dedicated raiders to fortify the ranks. You don't need to be keyed any more, but you should have experience in BT or MH, and have the gear ready to go.
  • Guild of High Latency is another new guild (lots of those this week, that's strange) that consists of about 10 level 70s. They are on Korielstrasz-A, and are looking for dedicated and nice level 70s to raid with. Look them up on guildportal if you're interested (they didn't send along a URL).
  • Warcraft Commanders (on Shadowsong) is one of those casual guilds that currently raids on Saturday nights, and usually does Heroic runs throughout the week. They're like a local pub, that has their own softball team. They are currently recruiting anyone that's ready to start raiding or just looking for a spot to grab a drink with good people and friends. We're also told that they downed Prince in Kara this week -- Grats!
  • The Council of Thirteen on Thrall-H has Kara on farm, 5/6 in ZA, Lurker, Mag, and Rage Winterchill in MH down. They need just about all classes and specs -- they're looking to finish up ZA and head on forward in the 25mans as well.
  • Death Wish SH of Shattered Halls has downed all of Black Temple including Illidan for sweeping server firsts. Now 5/5 and 9/9, they are currently recruiting tanks and exceptional healers/DPS for raids.
  • Insert Guildname Here is a new guild on Norgannon that is looking to recruit all classes for some likely late-night raiding, both in the old world and new content.
That's it for this week's GW! Until next week, happy raiding!

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