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LotRO Book 13 gets beautiful new screens

Kyle Horner

We've long since known the new area being introduced in the newest Lord of the Rings Online's Book 13 patch was Forochel. The fact that Forochel has an enormous water mass (that players can't swim across) makes it perfect for the new fishing mechanic being introduced to the game. If players aren't in the mood for fishing, it's not as though they can't level up on their own instead. Forochel is very solo-friendly.

There's also been the recent revelation that Book 13 will have a pretty cool name, "Doom of the Last-King" and will be the first zone in LotRO to have it's own faction reputation to earn. So expect to be at an 'unfriendly' status with the Lossoth in the region, at least upon first entering. Improving your faction level with said survivors of the Forodwaith will be rewarded with treasures such as new armor sets, a new mount, weapons, housing decorations, and some class-specific items as well. All very cool stuff, but there's still some more to be seen.

Today Turbine has released some rather enticing new screens for the upcoming Book 13 patch and we've got them right here for your visual enjoyment.

So what can these new screenshots tell us about what to expect in Book 13?

Lots of awesome stuff! For starters, expect new gear that honestly looks quite amazing. Which is good, because you'll need that new gear to fight some crazed northern mountain men, wild-eyed abominable snow-creatures and all sorts of frozen-wastes beasties. As if all of that weren't enough to get excited about, Turbine has made Forochel into possibly one of the most beautiful areas in LotRO and that's saying a lot.

Between the night shot at the top of this post (click image for further glory) and the hot springs image directly after; we've really got to admit that Book 13 has some amazing vistas to behold.

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