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New legislation could pave the way for U-verse in Tennessee

Darren Murph

Although the matter has generally been swept under the rug nationally, folks in the great state of Tennessee yearning for more choices when it comes to receiving cable may be one step closer to getting just that. Just this week a compromise cable bill -- which would enable companies such as AT&T to "avoid having to seek hundreds of municipal permits to offer TV service" -- unanimously passed the House Commerce Committee. Still, select committee members questioned the aforementioned carrier's ability to deliver public, education and government (PEG) programming, and in order to avoid having firms roll out their networks to wealthy areas first, a provision was included that would force them to offer service to a certain amount of "low-income" neighborhoods or else face fines. Granted, there's no word on AT&T's immediate plans in The Volunteer State, but don't be shocked to see braids of orange fiber laid down in the future.

[Thanks, Brent]

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