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Video: Sneak peak of the Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack


Bungie posted a brand new ViDoc showcasing the upcoming Legendary Map Pack. Shot in a style similar to Red vs Blue (hmmm, sounds familiar), the video has Bungie's own map designers showing off each new map from within Halo 3 itself (one of them even gets a phone call -- is that Torgo's theme music?). The tour begins with Ghost Town, moves on to Avalanche, and finishes with Blackout. In addition to showing the maps, the Bungie folks also take time to show off some of the new Forge objects and the really spiffy Forge filters (we particularly like the grainy old-school film filter). One very cool addition is items that are specific to the maps, like shield doors in Avalanche that are designed to fit perfectly inside the map's entrances. Blackout also features closed doors that can be inserted into the various open doors, thus creating new paths for gameplay. All in all, the new maps and features are potentially looking to add quite a bit to Halo 3. Check out the video and let your thoughts be known.

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