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Yet another convincing Sony Ericsson Paris pic -- open, this time

Chris Ziegler

Man, if this phone turns out to be real, we can only imagine the cringes on the faces of Sony Ericsson execs knowing that its precious new UIQ superphone is in the process of being scooped in the most excruciatingly long, drawn-out process imaginable. The "Paris" is making yet another appearance over on se-nse, this time slid open to reveal a sliver of its QWERTY keyboard. It uses the same operating principle as the P1 and the M600, with two letters assigned to each side of each button; on the Paris, the buttons appear to be half black and half white. Could be hot, could be shockingly ugly, but we really won't know until Sony Ericsson's willing to either debunk this whole charade or give us some actual press shots.

Update: Yep, they're all black; light is reflecting off one side of the concave buttons. How boring!

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