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BBC iPlayer comes to the PS3 with

Jem Alexander

How ironic that while the PS3 is easily the best console for multimedia content it gets beaten to the iPlayer punch by the Wii. Not for long though. An unofficial website,, has been set up by a very clever coder known as Ixalon. This allows PS3s to access iPlayer content directly on their TV. Unfortunately the PS3's browser does not allow the videos to be shown at full screen, but after a bit of zooming the same effect can be achieved.

For those of you who don't know, the BBC iPlayer is an online video player which allows you to see a large variety of BBC content that has been shown on TV in the past week. Unfortunately it's only available for UK residents at the moment. The fact that was set up in only a day demonstrates how simple it would be for the BBC to create an official player for the PS3, as they have done with the Wii. Get on it, BBC. We want to watch Doctor Who on our PS3s!

[Thanks Marc]

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