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Eegra hosting 1st Annual Game Makin' Shindig

Justin McElroy

You may not know this about us (only our closest loved ones do) but we love It's not exactly newsworthy very often (which is why you don't see us linking to it more) but it's always a great read. So we were delighted to see they were doing something we could pass on to you: Their 1st Annual Game Makin' Shindig.

They're asking contestants to create their own games based around the theme of "Color" (actually, they say "Colour," but we're guessing it's a code). For their efforts, the best entrants will receive some folding cash and the bragging rights of being the best game designer that lives in their house (not applicable if you live in Ken Levine's basement). Your inevitable questions are likely answered in this FAQ. If any of our dear readers want to try their hand, we wish them all the best and hey, try including a quick-time event. People love that stuff.

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