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GBC cult classic 'Toki Tori' coming to Wii Ware

Kyle Orland

You could be forgiven for missing out on Toki Tori, a cute little Game Boy Color puzzle-platformer released in 2001, just as the Game Boy Advance was swallowing up everyone's portable gaming attention. You'd also be forgiven for missing last week's trailer announcing that the game is being revamped for Nintendo's Wii Ware service. We sure did!

Despite the week-old trailer, Netherlands-based developer Two Tribes for some reason waited until today to issue a press release officially revealing the new game's "Dozens of Levels" and "New Wii Remote Controls." Strangely enough, now that the press release is out, the game's official web site seems to be down for maintenance and a project page about the game on the Two Tribes site is similarly inaccessible. Come on guys ... this is no time to shrink from attention. Get that cute little yellow face out there to the public!

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