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Hellgate: London would like a second chance

Kyle Horner

We all know that Hellgate: London didn't exactly have the best of launches; actually it had a very terrible launch. The biggest problem was probably all the bugs in the game, which more often than not were responsible for regular client crashes among other game-ending glitches. This sort of thing tends to kill games forever, but Hellgate: London has been sticking it out over the past several months and things have actually gotten better -- at least as far as the bugs and additional content goes. So now Flagship Studios is hoping players will come back and give the game a second (or possibly third) chance.

From what we've heard and seen of these updates, it sounds like Flagship isn't pulling any legs here -- the game really has gotten better. Even so, we really have to wonder if that's enough to bring previously-scorned players back to the game, as many of them have no doubt moved on since last year. Maybe it would be wise to drop the price on the game a tad and offer some sort of incentive for players to come back or try the game for the first time. Mythos might be the perfect conduit to spotlight these new improvements; if Flagship can think up a clever way to do it.

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