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Interplay back in business, planning long-awaited sequels

Nick Doerr

It seems the formerly-financially-disabled company Interplay got quite a bit of cash for leaving Fallout 3 in the command of Bethesda Softworks, because they've officially gone back into business. Their plans? Sequels galore! Their first order of business, probably to keep funds rolling in, is to get a Fallout MMO out into the market. This should work, since the world of Fallout simply begs for an MMO-inspired tale.

With the money gained from that, they plan to get cracking on established brands we haven't heard of since the original PlayStation -- like the MDK series. They were hard, but so very fun. Other very exciting projects would be Earthworm Jim, Descent, and Dark Alliance. We're very excited to have Interplay back and look forward to seeing what the future holds for them!

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