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Round 3 of "Tell the LotRO Community Team"

William Dobson

We're into the third week of the "Tell the LotRO Community Team" series at the Lord of the Rings Online forums. For the uninitiated, this is yet another way in which Turbine is collecting feedback from the player base to make sure that LotRO is kept relevant and fun for the foreseeable future. Three new questions are in this week's thread:

  • How did you first hear about LotRO?
  • What do you find yourself spending the most time doing when you're not questing?
  • What is the most important feature a game can have to make it enjoyable for you?
As with round two, you can answer last week's questions in this week's thread if you didn't do so before. People are still getting really involved with this project, so jump in and join the fun.

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