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Survey says: Japanese women prefer DS, Men PSP

Candace Savino

Net Asia Co. Ltd. recently performed a poll, misleadingly showing Japanese gamers' handheld preferences by gender. The reason that we consider this survey misleading is because the DS Lite and DS Phat were split up into two different categories. Why not, then, split up the PSP-1000 (the original) and PSP-2000 (the newer, slimmer one)? Okay, so no one would actually pick the 1000 over the 2000, but splitting up the two DS models (and GBA models, for that matter) just doesn't make sense to us.

With that rant out of the way, though, the poll (in which 401 mobile phone users partook) shows that 42% of Japanese men prefer the PSP, while 30.3% prefer the DS Lite and 16.8% the Phat. As for women, 52.2% picked the Lite and 27.4% chose the Phat, while only 8.8% prefered the PSP. (Note: In case you're wondering why these numbers don't add up to 100%, the unlisted percents were split between the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, and Game Boy Advance SP.)

While we know you can't trust statistics (especially of this nature) and should only take them with a grain of salt, we found this study to be pretty interesting. If these numbers do happen to be indicative of the general population, it would show that Japanese men are pretty split in their handheld preferences, while Japanese women are overwhelmingly in favor of the DS. That would be in line with Nintendo's strategy this generation, as the company has made an extravagant effort to appeal to gamers in every demographic.

If these types of statistics interest you, you can check out some more numbers by hitting the "Read" link below.

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