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Episodic 'Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People' coming in June

Ross Miller

Telltale Games has revealed that the "new WiiWare episode series" hinted at during GDC08 will be Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive people, based on the character from Homestar Runner. The series will be a five-episode season with installments promised monthly on Nintendo's download service as well as the PC. The first episode is due out in June; further release date and pricing details are promised later, according to the press release.

If you need a refresher on Strong Bad, we'd appriciate (yes, you read that right) it if you checked out the "sbemail" archives. More details, assets and an official trailer are expected later today.

Update: Check out this April 1 video from Homestar Runner that might've hinted at this announcement.

Update: Website and trailers launch.

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