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Toki Tori to ruffle feathers in U.S. WiiWare line-up


Much like Shantae, Toki Tori was one of those Game Boy Color games released at the end of the handheld's lifespan that got swept away in the storm created by the Game Boy Advance launch. A charming and smart 2D puzzler featuring newly-hatched chick Toki Tori rescuing his unhatched siblings, the title was well-received by critics, but shunned by bovine members of the public, who instead chose to purchase GBA launch games such as Pinobee: Quest of Heart and High Heat MLB 2002. Thanks, public.

Anyway, the similarities with Shantae don't end there, because like Shantae, Toki Tori is being updated for WiiWare. Developer Two Tribes confirmed this last October, but today announced that the game would arrive on time for the U.S. launch of the download service on May 12th. It also unveiled a further six screens of the game, an official site (currently with no content), and a list of the game's features, one of which is simply "Toki Tori!" Indeed.

Make the jump for a trailer from last October's announcement that we're sure you'll have missed.

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