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Ask Joystiq remembers the Dreamcast

Kyle Orland

Although we skimmed a little bit on this week's Ask Joystiq, we'll be back in full force next Friday!

If you have any burning questions, unsolved gaming mysteries, or just a desire for musings from our knowledgeable cadre of writers, drop us a line at ask AAT joystiq DAWT com (and yes, we write it that way for a reason).

Q: In January of 2007 you reported that three new games would be coming out for the Dreamcast: Last Hope, Trigger Heart Excelica and Karous. What is the status of these games? Are there any more Dreamcast games coming our way?


A: In short, the status of these games is: they're out in Japan. Last Hope hit on Jan. 31, Trigger Heart Excelica came in on Feb. 22, and Karous was released on March 8. Dreamcast owners can search for the limited-run games through importers, but non-Dreamcast owners have options too -- Trigger Heart Excelica recently hit Xbox Live Arcade, and Karous is now available for the Wii in Japan (Wikipedia currently lists a PS2 version of Last Hope, but we couldn't find any other evidence that it's even planned).

We couldn't find any evidence of new retail Dreamcast games being planned, but Dreamcast Scene and DCEmu continue to update with plenty of homebrew games and apps. Sure, most of these freebie releases don't have the polish or appeal of a retail release, but some are good enough to get ported to the DS. Good hunting.

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