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GTA IV site update reveals all Team & Race multiplayer modes -- and much more


Rockstar unloaded a mess of new information and time-wasters onto the Grand Theft Auto IV website today. Most notable are full details of two out of the four major subsets of the game's definitely-not-tacked-on multiplayer component, Team and Race, while the Co-op and Competitive breakdowns are promised to be "coming soon." (Aw heck, the game'll be here in just 18 days ... We say, let that hype wave come crashing down already!) Here's the skinny so far:

Team modes
  • Team Deathmatch - "Rub out" other teams and loot opposing players' dead bodies for money. The team with most cash at the end wins.
  • Team Mafiya Work - Work as a team to complete "Mafiya" contracts before time expires; missions include: escorting wanted men, picking up MacGuffins and stealing cars. Teams must "scupper" opposing crew's work too, as it's the team with the most cash at the end of the round that wins.
  • Team Car Jack City - Teams must collect cars that spawn around the map and take them to drop off points for cash; the condition of the cars when dropped off determines the amount of cash, except for bonus cars stuffed with drugs (these have a set value). Teams must deliver the vehicles ordered by the "boss." The team with the most cash at the end wins. (Are you sensing a pattern yet?)
  • Cops n' Crooks - The crook team must get its boss to safety. The cop team has to take him down or simply destroy the getaway vehicle (see sub-modes below).
    • All for One - Crooks win by getting their boss to a getaway vehicle and escaping. Cops win by killing the Boss before he gets away.
    • One for All - No boss, just plain crooks trying to escape. Cops win by killing all of the crooks (there's no respawning in this mode). Crooks win by filling up the getaway vehicle, which holds up to four players.
  • Turf War - Timed capture-the-base. A number of bases are scattered across the map and can be captured by standing in the appropriate area for a short time; bases can be captured more quickly with multiple teammates, but can't be captured if opposing players are on the base (you know what to do). Captured bases earn money. The team with the most cash at the end ... wait for it ... wins!
Race modes
  • Race - Checkpoint races with the ability to respawn at the last checkpoint passed; numerous courses for cars, boats and helicopters -- laps and vehicle class/type are adjustable (see sub-modes below).
    • Free Race - Point-to-point races; first one to the finish wins.
    • Cannonball Run - Traverse several checkpoints anyway you can.
  • GTA Race - Checkpoint races with the added element of combat; weapons spawn throughout courses. Players can also exit their vehicles during road races.
Feel free to tinker with the rest of the site's new trappings embedded after the break!

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