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Pioneer discontinuing BDP-LX70A Blu-ray player in UK?

Darren Murph

You've got permission to file this one in the rumor folder for the time being, but we've received word from across the pond that Pioneer may be nixing the über-pricey BDP-LX70A Blu-ray player in the UK. For those unfamiliar, it's the Euro version of the prestigious BDP-95FD that we reviewed just last month. There's no word on exactly when the product will be discontinued (nor if the US version will follow suit), but we are hearing that numerous back-orders have been canceled and that a replacement model won't be around until August. Taking a step back, ditching such a high-end player that had a fairly decent following doesn't seem to make sense, but then again, who thought Pioneer would ever let anyone else get their panels inside the almighty Kuro?

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