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Takeuchi talks Resident Evil 5, confirms African setting

Justin McElroy

If we were making a game as hotly anticipated as Resident Evil 5, we'd hope our publisher wouldn't say anything about it until it was done. We'd just pull up in our sleek Lamborghini (which all game designers drive) throw a disc into their mail slot and go cash a check. We're too afraid of ending up like producer Jun Takeuchi who has to be pulled away from making what we can only assume is a triumph of interactive entertainment to tell us newbs how work is going. It's like we're leaning over his shoulder as he toils, our Philly cheesesteak dripping grease onto his documents.

You've seen a bit of this before, but now it's in English. So, what'd we learn from the translation? Well, apparently the graphics system is all up and running and the team is now focusing on the "game system and balance." Oh, and the game is definitely set in Africa. Plus, if you're a complete geek, there's a discussion of light that's as fascinating as anything you're likely to hear today.

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