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Want to play Puzzle Quest: Galactrix early?


D3Publisher is looking for some help with the next Puzzle Quest game. See, they need people to give it a play, however it should be noted that this only applies to folks living in the L.A. area. Where's the east coast love, D3?

How do you get on board with this? Send an email with the subject "Puzzle Quest Research" to lisa[at]mindofthegamer[dawt]com before April 18th. Names will be chosen on a first come, first serve basis, and are also subject to "additional criteria" needed to qualify. We guess you'll find that out the day of.

The lucky gamers that do get to head on down for some quality time with new Puzzle Quest stuff will not only get to play Galactrix, but also that Xbox Live expansion, Revenge of the Plague Lord, along with "other" Puzzle Quest stuff. Any of our west coast readers going to sign up for this?


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