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Wii Warm Up: A flavor taste that will send you to the moon


We know that the main Homestar Runner cast will make appearances in Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People. We can also assume that everyone's favorite man/dragonman/just a dragon will show up as well. But it's not just about Homestar and the Strongs.

What else from the Homestarniverse do you want to see in the episodic adventure? Il Cartographer? Dangeresque? Stinko Man 20X6? Would it even be possible to endure a game featuring Senor Cardgage, the creepiest coolest guy we know? We're hoping for a visit from Mr. Shmallow -- look lively! -- or his descendants Marshie and Gel-arshie (who is an abomination, and is coming to your house after school!) That would be SO GOOD!

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