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A sneak peek at LotRO's Book 14

Shawn Schuster

Book 13 hasn't even released yet and we're already salivating over Book 14 and the first LotRO paid expansion: The Mines of Moria. In a recent interview with Executive Producer Jeffery Steefel, we learn a few more details on the upcoming expansion and a sneak peek into Book 14.

The Mines of Moria will open up several new regions to explore, including Lothlorian and Eregion as well. The main focus will be on Moria of course, which will expand above and below the Misty Mountains in a series of tunnels and underground chambers to keep your characters cautious of what lies around each and every corner. Of course before Moria, we will be treated to Book 14 where players will explore the ring forge in Eregion where the three rings of the Elves were made. The Shadows of Angmar storyline will conclude with this book, yet tie into Moria and what it has to offer our stalwart fellowship on their way to Mordor.

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