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Rock Band Euro price won't 'magically' drop

In a post on the official Rock Band forums Harmonix product development manager Greg LoPiccolo told gamers that wishing the European price of Rock Band would drop won't do any good. "We're not gouging you, primarily because doing so doesn't serve our interests," LoPiccolo said. "You may conclude that Rock Band isn't worth the price charged, and that is your prerogative. But it's not magically going to get cheaper because you wish it to be so."

LoPiccolo's comments come days after EA and Harmonix announced plans to release Rock Band exclusively on the Xbox 360 on May 23 in Europe, with other console versions hitting in the summer, at a shocking $360 US for the game and the three main peripherals (game sold separately, Instrument Pack includes wired guitar, drum kit and microphone).

"We're not making a killing on Rock Band in Europe. We are incredibly sensitive to pricing issues. We are painfully aware that the higher the price we charge, the less copies we'll sell." LoPiccolo went on to blame shipping costs throughout the region as a primary factor in the price of Rock Band, but did not detail how the pricing structure breaks down for legal reasons.

While the price point is still quite shocking, we're reminded of the delay Canadians saw when Rock Band released a month later than their American neighbors which was blamed for shipping and package localization reasons -- yet there was no change in price. Like what LoPiccolo says or not, his comments are the straightest answer we've seen regarding the issue. So, to our loyal European X3F Army members we ask, do the comments made by LoPiccolo change your mind regarding your May purchase plans?

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