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Samsung's Lee Kun-hee carefully considering his options: prompt or prolonged resignation

Ryan Block, @ryan

Not a lot of people in the US know the name Lee Kun-hee, but he's the chairman and son of the founder of the world's largest gadget company: Samsung. And he's also at the epicenter of one of the craziest corruption scandals the industry has seen in years. Kun-hee and his cronies have already been subject to government probes, and the disgraced chairman has already basically admitted his guilt and responsibility for Samsung's bribery wrongdoings, but now he's made the next ever so gingerly step towards the exit by stating, "I will deeply think about reshuffling the corporate management structure and the management lineup, including myself." Sure, think it over, take all the time you need -- just don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, man.

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