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Shigeru Miyamoto back for round two -- nominated for 2008 Time 100

We imagine that Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of some of the most recognizable intellectual properties on the planet, doesn't like coming in second place -- let alone ninety-second place. Unfortunately for the banjo-plucking game designer, that was the case in last year's Time 100 list, when Shiggy, sandwiched between the world's fifth richest man and the author of "The Secret", nearly didn't make the cut. Though his pride was surely bruised, Miyamoto wasn't discouraged by the low ranking -- he merely stepped up his game, providing oversight for some of last year's best-selling Wii titles.

Perhaps that's why he's been nominated for the 2008 Time 100 list, where dedicated Nintendo fanboys have pushed the eccentric designer to number 27 -- somewhere between Michael Cera and Oprah. Your votes can help propel the father of modern video gaming to the top of the list, a position currently held by a certain precipitationally-named Korean pop star. Unless, of course, you're anti-Shiggy -- but who could you say "no" to that adorable face?

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