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SlySoft stays one step ahead of AACS

Steven Kim

Nothing lets you know spring is in the air like fevered cat-and-mouse DRM activity. The AACS LA (Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administrator) has seen fit to try the "proactive renewal" strategy, hoping that changing up the encryption keys will keep Blu-ray Region B users securely under thumb. Good luck: the ominous-sounding MKB v7 is already "supported" in SlySoft's AnyDVD HD version, released yesterday. The end result is exactly zero "downtime" for users, as discs utilizing MKB v7 aren't due out until the end of this month. To add insult to injury, SlySoft then turned around and loosed version today with "Improved region lock removal from Blu-ray discs which contain signed Java code." SlySoft doesn't look like it's willing to relinquish its role as fox in the henhouse!

[Via Afterdawn]

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