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Japanese hardware sales, March 31 - April 6: Bad, Bad Company edition

The numbers and arrows were quite bland this week -- all systems kept their same rankings, with only minor shifts throughout. The PSP remained in its throne (lovingly crafted by the recently released Japanese mega-hit Monster Hunter Portable 2 G) and the 360 was surpassed in sales, briefly yet unexpectedly, by the Virtual Boy. Now, with all that obligatory industry chatter out of the way, we can focus on a much more important enterprise -- our boycott of Bad Company.

We've all got our own reasons for hating the Brit-rock supergroup -- they kidnapped a charter member of the underground posterband Mott the Hoople, after all, and they've stolen countless girlfriends using their glistening manes and outrageously tight pants -- but it's their insipid interjection of their own band name into their chart-topping singles that really gets our dander irrevocably up. We thought our copy of iTunes had a vicious stuttering problem when it told us we were listening to "Bad Company" by the band Bad Company off the album "Bad Company", and we had to put it down. That blood is on your hands, Rodgers.

We hope you'll offer your support for our righteous cause, and swear off those angel-voiced monsters. No more purchases of (unlikely) further albums. No more costly concerts. No more performances of "Feel Like Makin' Love" at local open mic venues. It'll be a hard war to wage, but with your support, we're confident that we can put these conceited bastards in their place.

- PSP: 120,964 9,022 (6.94%)
- DS Lite: 55,190 3,726 (6.32%)
- Wii: 44,618 4,167 (8.54%)
- PS3: 11,303 97 (0.87%)
- PS2: 10,423 127 (1.23%)
- Xbox 360: 1,452 95 (6.14%)

[Source: Media Create]

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