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    Juno Blu-ray Disc gets reviewed in detail

    Darren Murph

    For those that peeked Jason Reitman's Juno in theaters, you could probably tell that cutting edge visuals weren't priority number one. That being the case, The Man Room found the 1080p / AVC-MPEG 4 encode to be "decent enough," but didn't hesitate to note that the film's low budget is still apparent in Blu-ray form. In essence, we wouldn't recommend picking this one up to wow your pals, but if you're a fan of the storyline, what is presented seems to be satisfactory enough. As for audio, you'll get a DTS-HD Master Audio track as well as a welcome 5.1 Dolby Digital track; both formats fared well, but then again, there's not much more than dialog and the occasional indie track to tingle your ear drums, anyway. On to extras: Fox tossed in a Digital Copy for those that care, and contrary to its habits, managed to stuff quite a few bonus features on the disc. Based on what we've read, Juno seems like a solid buy if you're cool with middle-of-the-road visuals, and particularly so if you're an extras junkie.

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