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One million concurrent connections set record in WoW

Shawn Schuster

Can you imagine one million people doing anything simultaneously? This is one of those fascinating statistics like how a child is born every 3.6 seconds or someone eats meatloaf every 4.9 seconds. Never mind the fact that those previous stats are completely made up, World of Warcraft recently achieved the astounding feat of one million concurrent players in China. Not only is this a testament to the network stability in China, but it's also a new record for the game since it's launch in June of 2005.

Amid unfounded allegations that these were all gold sellers, the fact of the matter is that gold sellers go where the money is: the European and North American servers. Regardless, this new record is quite a feat and we now anxiously await the next record-breaking event. Most random duel requests in a second? Most uses of the word "noob" on one server? We shall see.

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