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OpenMoko FreeRunner launch imminent, $399 a pop

Chris Ziegler

OpenMoko's first model, the Neo1973, has been sold out for some time now -- a testament to the popularity of the open-source phone concept, yes, but also a huge pain in the rear for new folks looking to get in on the action. That drought is thankfully about to end, though, with the introduction of the FreeRunner, a refreshed model that carries over the best parts of the Neo (think VGA touchscreen) while adding a few key features like three-axis motion detection and a faster processor. The group has just announced pricing on the latest model, and it comes in at a very consumer-friendly $399 -- unlocked, naturally -- which should allow a whole new group of hackers and Joe Regulars to join in the Linux free-for-all. Anyone needing ten or more will get an even better deal: $369, to be exact. It looks like the company's studying production samples right now, and if all goes well, we'll still see them in the pipe before the month's out.

[Via PHONE Magazine]

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