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Sunday Morning Funnies: It's heating up

Amanda Miller

Although we are in an awkward period, with no new content to look forward to until Wrath of the Lich King lands, things are not as dull as one might think. With arena season 4 just around the corner, leaking expansion information, and the exploration and mastery of patch 2.4 content still underway, life in the World of Warcraft is still heating up.

To add to the entertainment, we have a new comic or two, as well as several with plots that are gearing up towards something great.

  1. Node from Dark Legacy Comics has fun with the new(ish) mini-maps.
  2. Just Walk Away... from Extra Life.
  3. The Map from Shakes and Fidget.
  4. I Would Guess from the folks at GU Comics.
  5. LFG #138. Puns bring the silly.
  6. Murphy's Law from Monkey Punchers.
  7. Ding! Hunters are smooth talkers.
  8. The first match from Teh Gladiators kicked off, with a surprising twist.
  9. If you didn't catch our recent highlight of The Scout Report, then you might not have caught yourself up on the storyline. Trust me though when I say that it is worth it! Although I recommend pawing back to the beginning of the archive, for the current storyline to make sense, you need only start here.
If you're ready to vote, head on through the break!

Voting results from March 30th 2008 to April 5th 2008:
We almost had a tie, with A New Beginning from Shakes and Fidget slipping into first with 24.8% of the vote, and Ding!'s bit about Tauren hunters coming in a close second at 23.4%.

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