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Hitachi lets loose UWB-packin' Wooo LCD TVs, plus some plasmas


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Hitachi has been touting its slim, UWB-packin Wooo UT series LCD TVs for some time now, but it looks like the company has now finally gotten around to dishing them out, and it's thrown in a few other new models for good measure. On the UT series front, the sets are the same 32-, 37- and 42-inch models we've seen before, with each boasting a 250GB hard drive, and a so-called iVDR port to accommodate Hitachi's iVDR hard drive cartridges for further expansion, with that aforementioned use of UWB helping to keep the thickness down about 1.4 inches. If you don't need your TVs quite that thin, you can opt for one of Hitachi's new Wooo XV LCD sets, also available in 32-, 36 -and 42-inch varieties (1366x768 and 1920x1080), which drop the UWB and internal hard drive but hang onto the iVDR port. Those that prefer plasmas can also take their pick of Hitachi's new 50- or 42-inch Wooo 02 series sets, both of which also boast an iVDR port, although only the 50-incher packs a 250GB internal hard drive (no UWB on these either). As if that wasn't enough, Hitachi also took the opportunity to announce its new Wooonet service for its UT series sets, which will not only let you transfer video from a PC to the TV, but give you access to a video on demand portal as well. No word on prices, but they're apparently all available in Japan now.

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