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Metareview: Okami


The beautiful, imaginative Okami was perhaps one of the most-requested ports among Wii fans, and at last we're going to get a chance to get our hands on it. From the early reviews, it looks like it has been worth the wait ... though, surprisingly, the title's lowest score (by far) to date has come from Nintendo Power. As far as everyone else is concerned, Okami seems to be a smashing success.

Electronic Gaming Monthly: 94% -- EGM found the Okami port flawed, but worth every moment of the imperfect journey. "Okami's paintbrush-on-canvas mechanics that drive combat and interaction with the world seem perfectly suited to the Wii Remote but simply aren't reliably precise ... Still, it's one of the few games that can overcome shaky fundamentals in light of an astonishingly engaging adventure. Easily my (Nick Suttner) favorite Wii game."

Nintendo Power: 75%
-- When Nintendo Power recommends the PS2 version of your port, there may be a problem. "Quite simply, the controls just didn't make the jump to Wii as well as they shold have ... Okami is a work of genius, but you should play the original game instead of the Wii version if you can."

IGN: 90% -- Matt Casamassina enjoyed the controls, and the port itself, even more* than the original -- which was 2006's Game of the Year at IGN. "Now, you can play the game in 480p and 16:9 widescreen, and you can do so using the Wii remote, which controls Amaterasu's celestial brush with a level of speed and accuracy never before possible. It's implemented so triumphantly that it actually changes the pace of the game, effectively speeding everything up ... Okami's strengths on Wii far outweigh any of its weaknesses. Wii owners can pick the game up for only $39.99 and those who do will be walking away with an outstanding title full of great adventure of a caliber typically reserved for titles starring Link and Zelda. I still think Twilight Princess is Wii's best adventure, but Okami is more than a worthy alternative. Support this game -- it deserves nothing less than your full attention."

*Note that despite liking the Wii version more, Casamassina scored this Okami lower due to the time that has lapsed since the original, and due to unchanged and unfixed issues.


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