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Rocky & Bullwinkle and Battlezone this XBLA Wed.

Dustin Burg

Heads up XBLA fanboys, there's moose, squirrel and retro tank action headed to the Arcade this week with the release of both Rocky and Bullwinkle and Battlezone this Wednesday, April 16th.

For 800 Microsoft points, you can own a piece of cartoon history with Rocky and Bullwinkle, which was actually confirmed for release by Zen Studios a while back. There's a slight chance casual gamers will enjoy what moose and squirrel have to offer, but for us, we're thinking not so much. Who knows though, it could end up becoming an arcade classic. Speaking of classics, the 400 MS point Battlezone will also be available this Wednesday, complete with a visual overhaul, Xbox Live multiplayer functionality, Vision support and lots of neon green lines. Lots and lots of neon green lines. And while you're hear, dive into the Rocky and Bullwinkle and Battlezone screenshot galleries we embedded after the break.

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