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Sega producer talks about Super Monkey Ball for the iPhone


You'll remember that one of the game demos on the iPhone SDK was Sega's Super Monkey Ball franchise -- Spore got all the headlines, but Sega did show up with a pretty nice port of a game that could do very well on the iPhone. And when producer Ethan Einhorn sat down to talk to GameCyte about the port, he said all the things I want to hear: casual, pick up and play gaming on the iPhone, with interface innovation akin to the Wii and gaming performance comparable to other handheld gaming devices, even with a team that had never touched Cocoa and Open GL before.

There are some nice promises from Sega here for at least one cool game in the App Store in June. We'll continue to hope Sega (and Apple, and all of the other companies stepping up to develop games for the iPhone) can deliver.

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