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SocioTown enters open beta

Shawn Schuster

SocioTown? Seriously, didn't anyone in the marketing department realize the potential implications of an ironic name like that? Despite the fact that SocioTown is not a new title by Rockstar Games, as the name would suggest, it is still creating a buzz. Who knows, maybe the out-of-context name will be a bonus for the game's sales. Heck, it worked for the Wii.

So besides the name, how is this new browser-based social-networking MMO any different from the others currently working their way through open beta? According to the website, SocioTown is "the biggest and most sophisticated browser-based 3D virtual world to date". Your friend network is automatically based on who you talk to the most, which is an interesting feature. You can even perform your own music within the game, to be rated by the other players in real time. If they love it, you're on the fast track to rehab, but if they hate it, you could end up with a temporary music ban! Now we just need one of those in real life.

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